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Datageneration is able to build content, identification, as well as in-house training platforms on the web. We craft communication links to target audiences through structured development and design strategies.

Our goal is to create a connection with the end-user by providing powerful text, visual design, connectivity, and functionality of a site. We know how to build online platforms that inform and appeal to the people you seek to approach. The result is a better user experience and increased recognition.

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Web Design that Succeeds:

Datageneration codes with specific priorities focused on attaining set goals such as information dispersal, search engine indexing, accessibility, increased market share and sales. We produce straight forward design that serves your needs. It is imperative to ask: what are the goals of the company? what is the true purpose of a project? and what is the best most cost efficient way to attain this? Presentation, design and content make for a solid foundation, but what we ask is your objective? We meet your needs by taking care of your concerns.

Thinking Strategy Every Step of the Way:

We will meet your needs and guide you through the philosophies of web design. For instance, it may be in a company's best interest to understand that its' focus may be: how to increase revenue? how to reduce expenses? how to bring in more customers?

But, visitors also want their problems solved. Most people visit a site to solve one or more of the following issues: they want/need information, they want/need to make a purchase, they want/need to be entertained.

It essential to create a crossroads wherein both the customer and the company needs are being met. Our purpose is to help design effective and pleasing web pages that will do just this.


The Real Benefits of a Web Site:

Order direct, cut out the middle man, pay for product, and have questions asked directly to you.

Advertisements, promotions, pamphlets, newsletters, articles, and catalogue updates can be posted real time to suit a company's need.

Create send outs to customers from your tailored online database. Receive feedback through surveys, comment forms and other types of questionnaires developed specific to need.

Deliver information and target audiences according to server sided feed-back; real-time marketing opportunities; provide technical data online for a fraction of the price.

Site development to suit the nature and context that would best address the distinctive needs and budget of your company.

Content that Generates Impact:

Often times web sites start out with a fresh idea and an innovative design, but falls short on content missing the relevant needs of the customer. In this manner content serves to lure and keep your visitors. Strategically speaking you hook your visitor with content and valid information to meet their needs. It can be as simple as a map for directions to your shop, as expanded as an online store front for sales, or a simple company information sheet to inform. Content is why they visit and content is why they will return.

Creating an Online Presence with Style and Functionality:

We understand that each company will be unique in their approach to an online presence. When launching a site make sure your website has an attractive 'look and feel' to it. Like the sign hanging over your storefront a website is the same, but as an online reflection. If you want to build your company's presence approach it with conviction, style, and functionality.

Search Engines
Increase Traffic to Your Site:

Good web site structure helps to build recognition from top search engines, equating to traffic on your site. From a indexing perspective search engines seek content and sites that are well maintained. Those companies that want to draw large volumes of traffic to market and sell product will consider articles, reviews, and links to get noticed leading to higher search engine ranking. Today, serious consideration must also be given to social media connections and links for online exposure therein.

Inspired Marketing Creates Presence:

When you begin a website you must have your main purpose clearly defined. Identify your needs right up front. Always look to the needs of the business or organization and consider those as primary. This will generally involve brand building, direct marketing, online sales, customer support, market research, content publishing and other services. Marketing must also focus on audience development and online communities.

Web Design Solutions and Services:

Custom made solutions to fit your needs according to cost, design, applications, and maintenance.

Business Card - three page site
Customary- five to ten page site
Deluxe - ten to twenty page site
Executive - to meet need

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