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Datageneration has years of experience structuring resources, deciding activities, building workshops, authenticating environments, attending to learning preferences, understanding group dynamics, facilitating, training, providing constructive feedback, communicating results, transferring knowledge based learning, and supporting company values. Our training is practical, competency-based, and learner-focused; offering a conscientious systematic approach, supported by qualified trainers and classroom tools. We work hard to enhance participant experience, while propelling learning outcomes forward.

Development Process
[modules or daily formats]
Step 1: Discuss necessary outcomes, commit to an action plan.
Step 2: Send preliminary workshop information and material.
Step 3: Workshop is goal-directed, proactive, conceptual, and interactive.
Step 4: Participants take back, and practice, new skills in work environments.
Step 5: Follow-up, implement feed-back loops, ensure training effectiveness.

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