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An active online community is successfully being used to develop cost-effective branding, make connections, design education and training platforms, leverage sales and marketing campaigns, and so much more! The following links are a great way to start connecting to individuals and teams to communicate ideas, podcasts, schedules, wikis, blogs, documents, and other innovative correspondence.

Slide Share

Upload and share PowerPoints, documents, PDFs; as well as, audio to make webinars.

Google Docs

Create and share your
work online.

Word Press

Used for blogging, and as a content management system.


A sound editor and recorder
suitable for podcasting.

Teacher Tube

An online community for sharing instructional teaching videos.

Google Reader

Bring all your favourite sites, blogs, news links together.


Offers a creative and personalized approach to web browsing.


Highlight any part of a web
page and attach sticky notes.


Create a wiki for collaborative elearning.

PB Works

Shared work space for coworkers
and colleagues.


A web conferencing service for presentations, whiteboards, and broadcast via webcam.


Exchange information, ideas,
and opportunites.


A service to start free wikis.

A place to store and
share your bookmarks.

Google Calender

See your calendar, and view schedules of others.

Create colorful mind maps online
with your coworkers.

A quick and simple way to get
your blog up and running.


Call, video and instant message each other totally free.


Create courses quickly on
your own or with others.

Survey Monkey

Software to quickly and easily create professional surveys.


A simple way for employees to connect and share by posting messages.

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