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Instructional Design

Datageneration's primary role will be to ensure that instructional structures are developed with integrity and accuracy, while creating understandable resources that target specified user groups. It is critical to remember that learning and growth are linked to design, quality, and structure of the learning system. When built correctly instructional design will reduce cost, provide standardization, determine quality control, and encourage collaboration throughout an organization.

Our instructional design strengths, and centres of attention, focus on project management, training and coaching, technological expertise, interface design, SME interaction, pitching and promotion, organizational sensitivity, and creating smart learning structures. Click the service menu below to explore further.

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Project Management

Datageneration is able to manage content and course development, on time and within budget, while coordinating team members and departments to ensure that people are contributing in accordance with committment. We are capable of coordinating graphic & logo development; branding, marketing, and multimedia development; story boarding, design, and programming; including reviews, assessments, and approvals; collecting and compiling project data; scheduling and leading training; outline and track budgets; author, edit, introduce, regulate, and roll-out new policy and procedure.


SME Interaction

Datageneration is qualified with interacting and extracting pertinent information through appropriate and respectful communication with Subject Matter Experts (SME). This can be challenging, and must be dealt with sensitively, this exchange of information is critical and complex. SME focus can stray from objectives, a designer's job is to stay true to defined outcomes; while building trust, rapport, and appreciation for the willing transference of content and information. Our designer's have advanced communication skill, and stay focused on the process and outcome.


Pitching & Promotion

Training requires a buy-in from multiple levels, and is necessary to seek early on in a project's infancy stage. There are usually multiple stakeholders, who have unique vested interests. Datageneration will lead and seek long term success for all. It is important to develop skill and intellectual knowledge for intended audiences, this approach equates directly to outcome in terms of value and benefit. Return on Investment is a predefined conclusion that is negotiated, and clearly understood right from project start.


Organization Sensitivity

Datageneration is sensitively aware of stepping into an organizational eco-system, where there may be influences and chains of command that we are not familiar with. It should be understood, accepted, and introduced that a designer is there under management's authority and invitation. Roles, contributions, timelines, and other related tasks are negotiated in advance of project start, so as not to compromise or stall a project later on. Acceptance that different views and opinions will surface, which may be necessary to mediate, to move outcomes forward. Convergence of content and people is primary, which means finesse and navigation are essential for quality working relationships.


Training & Coaching

Datageneration designer's are highly skilled at coaching, facilitating, training, teaching, and mentoring; and can wear all of these hats simultaneously or separately, if required. Remember, these roles don't stop, but are transferred back after an instructional system is built. Effective learning systems need to be reinforced through process, practice, and communication. Definition of training roles need to be established during initial negotiation to determine who will hold ownership of successful follow-through on course, curriculum, and/or content developed. Datageneration is highly skilled with aiding a company in establishing these long-term stategies after build-out, as quality training plans need to be reinforced and maintained until outcomes are achieved.


Technology Expertise

Training will almost always encompass some type of software use these days. Consequently, Datageneration understands and is qualified in mulitple software programs to develop and design courseware. It is important to be fluent with web and video editors, graphic and audio applications, different types presentation platforms, and a variety of other authoring tools for creative and effective learning management systems.


Online User Interface

Datageneration is skilled with online development, and is well versed and educated in interface design theory. We design thinking of end-user interaction, building intuitive structure, navigation and control; information transference is a key. Online mapping and layered learning strategies are used to meet constructive end goals, which better performance related outcomes.


Creativity and Learning

One of the most basic challenges when developing instructional material is remembering to make the material meaningful and specific to your learner. Content needs to be engaging by bringing the learner into the experience. Datageneration has the perfect balance of scope and skill required to work effectively to this end. Good instruction is motivating, it develops learning activities that map into the instructional objectives and provide authentic environments.


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